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Telltale Signs That Your Loved One Should Consider NEMT


Driving is a skill you’ve been used to since you got your license at eighteen. And it looks like an easy thing to do at one glance. But when you really stop thinking about it, you will come to realize that driving actually requires a high amount of concentration and body coordination.

On a regular basis, you will need to keep your eyes on the road while your hands and feet maneuver the different pedals and gears on the dashboard. But for seniors who might have aching joints and other health problems, the task of driving might prove to be challenging.

In case you’re worried about your senior loved one’s safety, here are the signs which should give you a hint that NEMT or Non Emergency Medical Transportation in Port St Lucie, Florida is a better choice than letting them drive on their own:

  • They’ve had bad experiences when driving.
    Traffic violations, near-crash experiences, driving disputes… these are just a few of the events that one might encounter on the road. If you’ve noticed your senior loved one having repeat cases, then switching to NEMT will definitely give them an easier time when traveling.
  • They’ve had dents or scrapes on their vehicle.
    Let’s face it, repairs don’t come cheap. And if your elderly parent or grandparent has been constantly damaging their car, that is a definite sign that they will be a lot safer with NEMT service.
  • They’ve had experiences of getting lost.
    Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are just some of the conditions that can affect memory and cognitive function. If your loved one has had experiences where they can’t remember the directions needed for visiting a familiar place, then that’s a red flag that signifies NEMT service is due.
  • They’ve had vision problems.
    Using a smartphone or a laptop alone without proper eyesight is already next to impossible. Can you imagine how it would be like when driving? Maneuvering your way through the road is best done when you have 20/20 vision. If your loved one has been struggling with their eyesight, then a NEMT service will greatly benefit them on their trip to the eye doctor.
  • They’ve had exhibited a slower reaction time.
    Delayed reaction time on the road is dangerous. Sometimes, all it takes is a fraction of a second for you to either crash or swerve into safety. You can never truly tell when an accident might happen, that’s why having a professional driver handle medical transportation for your loved one is a better option. With their years of experience, familiarity with the routes, and commitment to the service, they will be able to deliver your elderly family member to their destination safely.

Call Transport With Care LLC for your non-emergency medical transportation needs. We will ensure that your loved one is comfortable on their ride to their appointments. Contact us now and we’ll readily give you a quote!

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