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How Medical Transportation Services Can Greatly Help


For elderly individuals, people suffering from various health conditions, or those who have recently sustained and are now recovering from injuries, traveling from one place to another would not only have to require a vehicle but human assistance as well—the latter is not always available. Because of the lack of freedom in mobility, you or your loved ones experiencing these hindering circumstances may feel at loss of independence and control over your own lives.

That is why medical transportation exists, in order to give you and your loved ones the ability to travel to wherever you want to go even with challenging circumstances, and if you are looking for quality and efficiency, trust us at Transport with Care LLC. We offer non-emergency medical transportation in Port St Lucie, Florida that aims to help you and your loved ones in so many ways:

  • Home to Doctor’s Clinic, Hospital, or Medical Facility
    Whether it’s an appointment with your physician, a scheduled physical therapy session, or a laboratory test and check-up, with our reliable transportation services, we make sure to take you and your loved ones to the clinic, hospital, or medical facility safely and right on time.

  • Pharmacy Stops
    If your pharmacy doesn’t offer delivery services, or if you must acquire the medication yourself, then you can count on us to take you to the pharmacy of your choice, and back at home with ease.

  • Medical Appointments to and from Nursing Homes
    Transport with Care LLC also offers transportation services for those living in retirement homes or shared residential facilities, to and from their destinations.

  • Trips to the Spa and Beauty Salon
    Need to rejuvenate or have your hair and nails done? Fret no more about how to get there, as not only do we offer medical appointment transportation services, we can also take you and your loved ones to the spa center and beauty salon of your choice!

  • Airport Transportation
    True to our word in helping you regain and maintain your independence and free will in mobility and travel, we can also take you to and pick you up from the airport when you have the need or just really want to fly.

  • Bus and Train Stations: Drop-off and Pick-up
    Need or want to travel via the bus or train? Don’t let health conditions, injuries, or old age hamper you from doing so! Not to worry, as we can help you and your loved ones through our drop-off and pick-up services.

The next time you or your loved ones need quality, efficient, fast yet safe transportation services in Port St Lucie, Florida for all your mobility and travel needs, look no further than Transport with Care LLC. Our well-maintained vehicles and highly-trained drivers will ensure your safe and convenient arrival and departure in wherever your destination is—be it the clinic, pharmacy, beauty salon, or even the airport. With us, you and your loved ones are sure to be in caring hands.

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