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Enjoy a Safe Trip to and from the Spa


Having safety in our service and culture, we understand what it takes to have a convenient and secure ride that will take you to your destination. We mainly provide non-emergency medical transportation to all who need to get somewhere but currently have no available transportation options. Our transport services cover trips to health facilities and both private and commercial establishments. This includes a drive to the spa.

Set your pampering date to have some good rest and relaxation that your mind and body needs, we will take care of your Transportation Services in Port St Lucie, Florida.

  • No Parking, No Problem

    When you arrive at your chosen spa center, you no longer need to worry about looking for a parking space, should your spa not have enough parking spaces nearby. We pick you up at your address, take you to the spa, you get safely to your destination and have a wonderful time at the spa. It only takes an online message from you or a phone call to get you a drive and pick-up appointment to and from the spa.

  • Continue Your Rest and Relaxation

    After you get your needed rest and relaxation and a good time to rejuvenate your senses, we pick you up at the spa center and drive you safely back to your pick-up address. This lets you rest and continue your pampering day until you reach your drop-off destination. That is definitely one sure way for you to end your pampering day with an easy and worry-free ride.

  • Arrive Home Safely

    Finally reaching your drop-off destination, you have then safely arrive home. This way, you get more accountability in the transportation service that brought you home, over ride-sharing apps that you can book through your phone.

Consider this Non-Emergency Medical Transportation in Port St Lucie, Florida as your next travel option for worry-free service and transaction. We accept different payment methods to be of service to all who need transportation assistance.

Take the time to pamper yourself and have a good day at the spa and let Transport With Care LLC safely take you there and back.

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